VA Comicon couldn’t be happier about bringing their special brand of Comicon to Northern, VA with tickets as low as $10 for adults!

The next show will be June 9-10 in the GIGANTIC Johnston Center (GMU) in Fairfax, VA with Guest of Honor ROB LIEFELD (the creator of Deadpool AND Cable)!

Website has been updated with over 75 different artists, creators, publishers and exhibitors ALREADY listed at!

Dealers, did you miss out on table space before? They have opened up LOBBY space! Register for this new overflow area at:

Interact with over 6,100 (!!!) fans who have already RSVP’d at:

Hey, Richmond fans! The Facebook event page has been launched for the October HALLOWEEKEND show at the Raceway…get on board, interact with hundreds of fans, and post YOUR cosplay updates at:

As always, you can get all of our show info, vendor bios and more for EVERY show over

Thanks goes to ALL of the vendors and THOUSANDS of fans who made the Spring show so successful. They can’t wait to do it again in 6 weeks 90 miles north of Richmond in historic Fairfax, VA with Rob Liefeld!

Vendors, get those tables while you can, exhibitors! Fans… now have less than 400 2-day passes left…sign up now at

Finally, they will have representatives from other top shows in the area including BlerdCon, All-Star Comic Con, and Tidewater Comicon at the Fairfax, VA Comicon….be sure to check them all out!

Thank you for making 2018 a BANNER year for comic Cons in Virginia!

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