Falling in love is easy. But it’s not the fall that kills you.

In January 2018, Top Shelf welcomes two remarkable British talents — ultra-short fiction writer David Gaffney and comic artist Dan Berry — in their first collaboration. The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head is a dark comedy about relationships, memory, loneliness and obsession.
Valerie has a rich interior life. Serially unlucky in love, to feel better she imagines that her previous boyfriends are dead and that their bodies are kept downstairs in the cellar in a strange, mummified state. Every day she brings them upstairs and speaks with them about what went wrong.
What follows is a series of peculiar, funny, and sometimes disturbing short tales about inept lovers, weird obsessions, and socially malfunctioning men who repeatedly fail to build a relationship with poor Valerie.
Apart from Stanley. Stanley was special.
Could he be the one to save her?
The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head is a full-color softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 9.5″ x 6.5″ (landscape format), 120 pages. Check out a six-page preview and pre-order now from your favorite retailer!

New York Comic-Con is next weekend!

Our nation’s biggest city holds one of our nation’s biggest comic-cons — and we’ll be there next weekend, October 5-8, for New York Comic Con! Come to Booth #1844 (IDW Publishing) to meet these awesome cartoonists:
Tara O’Connor (Roots) — a New York Comic-Con debut!
Shannon Wheeler (Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump)
Kim Dwinell (Surfside Girls: The Secret of Danger Point)
Janet Lee (Return of the Dapper Men: Deluxe Edition)
Lauren Purje (You Might Be An Artist If…)
Plus: join us Sunday, October 8 at 2:30pm in room 1A18 for a festive panel with these & other authors, plus coming attractions!

Ignatz Awards for Jess Fink and Carolyn Nowak!

It was a good night to be a robot lover.
At the Small Press Expo earlier this month (as Top Shelf celebrated our 20th anniversary!), the Ignatz Awards went to all kinds of amazing indie cartoonists. But we were particularly proud to see two winners from the Top Shelf family:
Jess Fink won “Outstanding Series” for her erotic masterpiece of steam-powered romance, Chester 5000. If you’re new to the series (and over 18), there’s no better time to pick up its two handsome hardcover volumes!
Carolyn Nowak won “Outstanding Story” for her charming, haunting graphic novella about a girl and her store-bought boyfriend, “Diana’s Electric Tongue.” As Publishers Weekly reported this week, Carolyn is coming to Top Shelf for Girl Town, a collection of her award-winning short stories coming next year!
We’re thrilled to be working with both of these awesome cartoonists, who blend compassion, action, humor, and insight in the finest Top Shelf tradition. Congrats to all the nominees and winners, and stay tuned for more on Girl Town!

GUMBALLS #4 is coming!

Place your pre-orders now for the latest issue of Erin Nation’s critically acclaimed one-man anthology series, Gumballs!
In this jam-packed fourth installment: Erin and his fellow triplets get spooked by a haunted board game! Tobias’ dreams come true as he finally holds his crush’s hand… accidentally. And modern-day Erin battles the anxiety that comes with using public restrooms and making doctor appointments as a trans man. Also featuring: more awkward personal ads, more tales from the day-job trenches with disgruntled grocery shoppers, and a visual diary inside a vintage trailer at a quirky, bohemian retreat!
Click here for more details and a 7-page preview, and pre-order from your favorite shop!
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