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As you know Wicked Comics have kick-started the local comic scene and have always been committed to nurturing it and developing it further. As you can appreciate it takes a lot of time and hard work to develop a credible reputation that in turn open doors for exciting opportunities. After more than 5 years of hard work we are proud to announce the we’re getting there and finally we’re in a position to provide such opportunities rather than talking about them. In fact following Malta Comic Con 2013 we are proud to announce that Stefan Agius has been selected to work as a colourist with Wizards Keep Ltd (a UK based publishing house).


Furthermore, in conjunction with Grafimated Cartoon we are proud to announce that following portfolio reviews held during the Malta Comic Con 2013 local creators William Calleja, Andre Grima and Daniel Mercieca have won €1,000, €500 and €250 grants respectively for any of the courses offered by the Palermo/Catanua based Scuola Del Fumetto.

Wicked Comics would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them all the best for their ventures. Moreover, we are pleased to announce another exciting opportunity for local creators that we’re organising in conjunction with the organisers of the Comicdom Convention in Athens, Greece.


To celebrate the 9th edition of the Comicdom Convention which this year will be held on the 19th, 20th and 21st April, the organisers are planning to hold an exhibition of various comics from all over the world to highlight the diversity of the medium. Through Wicked Comics, Maltese creators have been invited to take part in this amazing exhibition. Although the focus of this exhibition is on published comics, original artwork is also being considered for inclusion.

Shipping costs will be incurred by the organisers and submissions will not be returned unless formally requested by the participants. Any type and format of comics will be considered.

Those interested in participating in this international exhibition are kindly requested to email us the details on info@maltacomic-con.com by not later than Friday 28th February. Details should include name and surname of creator, contact details, photo, biography and short description of the submission. Kindly note that links to biographies and descriptions will not be considered. We will then contact you to discuss collection of submissions.

Kindly be advised that since this is a joint venture Wicked Comics is not responsible for any loss or damages to any eventual submissions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards

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