Few fundraising projects excite us at Wicked Comics as much as Micah Wright’s and Jay Lender’s Duster has. With a few more days to go before the Duster Kickstarter campaign ends, Wicked Comics are proud to introduce you to the creators of this awesome looking graphic novel.

Micah Ian Wright (Duster co-writer) has written thirty-six videogames including games in the Transformers, Looney Tunes, and Destroy All Humans franchises. He’s also written four feature films, including the Korean anime Sky Blue (aka Wonderful Days), four graphic novels, dozens of comics, three books of political commentary, and hours upon hours of television for shows like The Angry Beavers and Constant Payne. He loves to write about things that blow up, people who get shot, skeletons in the closet, and characters who fall passionately in love.

Jay Lender (Duster co-writer) is the Emmy-nominated writer and director of Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” and Disney’s current hit, “Phineas and Ferb.” An alumnus of both Rhode Island School of Design and the California Institute of the Arts, Jay has had a long career in animation and videogames, and has written and drawn comics for Nickelodeon Magazine and SpongeBob Comics. He has many more movie, television and comics projects in the works with Micah-and some of his own. He is hard at work on his first novel, an adaptation of his science-fantasy show pitch “Travelers.”

Cristian Mallea’s (Duster artist) beautiful comics and illustrations have been published around the world. Highlights include his own “Gayolas” (Jails) and a story featuring the legendary Argentine science fiction character “El Eternauta.” A founder of the Eugenio Zoppa Comic School (Escuela “Eugenio Zoppi” de Historieta), Cristian also works as a professor of design of the University of Palermo.
Duster’s colorist and layout artist, JOK, has drawn stunning comics which have been published all over the world. Highlights include Markosia comics’ “Bio-Boy,” the science fiction graphic novel “The Hill,” and the spaghetti western series “Vengeance of the Vapor.” He recently drew the graphic novel “Redball 6” for Arcana, and “Mixtape” for Ardden. Along with Cristian, Jok is a member of La Productora, a collective dedicated to teaching comics in Argentina.
Venezuelan-American colorist Jorge Blanco is a well known artist in several artistic fields. A penciller, inker, colorist, and sculptor, his comics series Camulus has been running since 1997. His previous coloring credits include The Alchemist graphic novel for Sea Lions books, Transformers for IDW Publishing, Flash Gordon for Ardden Entertainment, The Hill and Vengeance of the Vapor for Markosia, Redball 6 and Philosopher Rex for Arcana, as well as several series published in Italy.

Duster takes place at the close of the European conflict in World War II, and tells the story of a war-widowed female crop-duster pilot who must defend her daughter and her neighbors against a planeload of escaping Nazis who have crashed in her small Texas town. The action-packed story examines women’s changing roles in American society during the war years, as well as surveying all the various way that tough, independent women could kill a bunch of rampaging Nazis with farming equipment.

The Duster Kickstarter campaign will end on Tuesday 24th July 2012 and a target fund of $26,000 is needed for the project to come true. But with 10 more days to go more the majority of the funds need have already been raised and one final push could see another exciting project come through. The standard price for the hardback copy is just $30 but there are a multitude of exciting perks for those who wish to donate more. Besides the usual assortment of additional stuff such as T-Shirts (the draft design looks irresistible) digital copies, and limited edition signed material, perks also include one’s name listed down in the acknowledgement section, art prints from legendary artist Howard Chaykin and the ever so popular Charlie Adlard as well as the chance to briefly appear as oneself as a talking character in the graphic novel! Perks don’t get much better than these! So contribute today and you’ll be helping produce a graphic novel worth having.

Duster Kickstarter Project: www.kickstarter.com/projects/propagandist/duster-the-graphic-novel
Duster Facebook fanpage: facebook.com/DusterGraphicNovel

Twitter: @MicahWright and #DusterOGN

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