angelKat Entertainment started out in 2009 as the website and umbrella name for the creative works of Davy Shirley. Having recently graduated this name quickly became his calling card, including freelance graphic design and programming services.

With a successful first year with his debut comic (Fera), Davy went on to take angelKat Entertainment to national comic and animé events across the country from 2010 onwards.

Written and illustrated by Davy, Fera originally started as a webcomic and became an instant hit with its followers. So much so that Issues 1 and 2 have been made available in print and are sold for $6.50 and $5.50 respectively from Indyplanet.

In 2012, and with the addition of two new comic projects; The Editors, and angelKat Adventures the team expanded to include a new member; dark fiction writer Paul Burr.

Since then, the team has expanded to include; Donna McGarry, Anna Sheldrick, Josh Gahstly, and Clair Honeybadger. This expansion allowed for the team to work on new titles under one banner, combining their unique skill sets to produce even more creative projects.

At present the team has a number of projects in development with The Editors being the first to be fully realised since Fera and angelKat Adventures. The Pre-ordering campaign for The Editors have recently ended but expect more news on this upon its official release.

Other angelKat Entertainment in the pipeline include:

angelKat Presents – with three 9-page stories per issue, this comic series will air short stories on various themes from the minds of our team. The first of which will be a horror/supernatural themed comic, planned to be released in October 2012 and with stories from Davy Shirley and Paul Burr.

Offices and Accountants – a new comedy strip series, with a few strips already completed in a classic funny pages cartoon style we see the fantasy worlds version of Dungeons and Dragons – where Dreadknights play as lvl 23 middle management, and Paladins play as interns. What could possibly go wrong?

Meta-Rising – a new super hero comic due out this winter, the world has believed that the meta-humans are long since wiped out. They’re wrong!

Further issues of existing titles including Fera, and angelKat Adventures are also currently in production, with a second issue of The Editors due in the new year.

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