Wicked Comics have always been an avid supporter and promoter of creativity be it in any form it may come. In this article Wicked Comics takes a closer look at Brian John Mitchell an American who oozes creativity. Brian is the brains behind Silber Media which is an independent company that connects musicians and comic creators with an audience. From it’s humble inception to this day Silber Media have always subscribed to a family ethic, and this is perhaps best evidenced in their relation with both the creators and their fans.

Silber Media originally started in 1994 as a music zine called QRD, (a digital version of this zine is still be published on the internet in which more than 1000 interviews with a variety of independent musicians have been covered). According to Mitchell when the zine was founded the intention was always there to evolve in an independent record company and Silber Records officially started two years later with the release of the Alleviation compilation. To this day Silber Records remain committed to bring new and diverse music directly to the audience, through both physical and digital means.

Mitchell himself describes it like this:

“The truth is, we don’t think of Silber as a record label as much as we do a family of artists from around the world, sharing mutual respect for each other. The artists we showcase are stylistically & technically different from one another & because of this our audience is wonderfully varied. However, there are common threads that hold us all together, whether they be in the form of walls-of-sound or acoustic guitars.

Our music is likely mellower, but no less angst-ridden than the music we all grew up on. Punk rock, post rock, metal, sludgecore, freak folk, americana, bedroom pop, drone, shoegaze, aggressive ambient, post apocalyptic pop, noise – it’s all music. It’s all about communicating in ways we can’t with words”.

In 2003 Mitchell who always had a passion for comics started to create a new brand of comics which consists of mini comics measuring 2.125 x 1.83 inches, and are really not bigger than an average match-box. Neatly packed in plastic folders and now also included as literary comics in a bottle Mitchell’s creations are really something. According to Mitchell the mini format was developed as a response to the rise of the internet. As computers made electronic information so easy to distribute, Mitchell felt it was super important to have physical media objects have a feeling of uniqueness & importance. Hence the size of his comics which are portable and come with an “instant connection”.

The whole concept of these mini-comics can be misleading upon first glance, and it is perhaps easy for one to falsely assume that these comics can be little more than simple comedic strips. In fact Wicked Comics have been impressed with the amount of depth these stories contain. Furthermore, Silber Media employs the same ethic they follow for their music and their comics which are written by Mitchell and drawn by various artists are as diverse as can be. In fact the genres tackled ranges from auto-biographical, sci-fi, horror and even western but the constant here is Mitchell’s minimalist punchy style which really brings the format to life. With over 60 books available & 12,000 printed over the years, no end is in sight for Silber Mini-Comics!

Silber Media’s current novelty is mini-comics in a bottle. Although the Kickstarter campaign has already reached its target, folk who wish to be part of this exciting project can still do so by backing this project which will not only net those who do some wicked comics in a bottle plus their digital version but also promises to credit them in some bottles sent to sea.

Join the fun now by visiting: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/462361469/silber-bottle-comics

For more info on Silber Media kindly visit: http://www.silbermedia.com

For Silber Media Comics visit: http://www.silbermedia.com/comics

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