It-Tawmaturgu: Il-Ħmura ta’ Filgħaxija (The Thaumaturge: Red Sky at Night)
Mark Anthony Fenech‘s literary debut is a science fiction novel written in Maltese published by Horizons. The author writes in a genre which is seldom used within Maltese literature – the language is not readily associated with the genre. The language employed is interesting and unusual, doing away with the idea that Maltese is limited.
 The premise of the story is how humanity takes an active role when it comes to its own evolution by means of hyper-advanced technology. This theme has been present in the old mythologies in the figures of the gods, idealised representations of humanity, and in modern and contemporary mythologies in superheroes found in comics and films. All this occurs with humanity’s expansion beyond the solar system in the background. The reader encounters space battles, societies peopled by cultures which seem almost alien-like, planets like our own world and humans who are very different from us.
It-Tawmaturgu: Il-Ħmura ta’ Filgħaxija (The Thaumaturge: Red Sky at Night) is a novel which meanders between being irreverent and epic, buoyed upon a sense of adventure in a setting seldom encountered in the local literary scene. The book is a Horizons’ publication, and is available from Agenda and leading bookshops. 
It-Tawmaturgu: Il-Ħmura ta’ Filgħaxija will have its official launch organised by Rejects on Friday 22nd September at Maori, Valletta with special guest Sonitus Eco.



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