There are many reasons why we at Wicked Comics love the comic culture. Perhaps one of the most underrated reasons is the direct relationship between creators and fans the medium offers. As evidenced by what’s currently happening on a plethora of social media, the majority of comic creators love to share their work with their fans, and can often be found sharing the development step by step. Furthermore, one thing most guests who have been to the Malta Comic Convention often speak about, is how much they enjoy the interaction with their fans. Many creators comment on how they really like it when fans ask them questions while they’re happily sketching for them. On the other hand fans love to be given this opportunity and appreciate it. They love to be able to talk to the creators and love to feel involved in the creative process. So with this in mind it is our pleasure to introduce fans to a new exciting comic project called

Written by Richard Embree, illustrated by Nicolas Cerone, coloured by Sean Burres and edited by Dane Lamont – the first page of the Port webcomic was published online on the 14th of June 2012, and following a trial period it has now been confirmed that a new page will be published every Tuesday absolutely free of charge.

The Port is an on going crime noir series that invites the reader to experience Bridgeport City through a wide range of characters. A city in which secrets and surprises are the norm and the only constant is that no resident of Bridgeport is ever truly safe. The thing that really got us excited about this project is that in The Port there are no good and bad guys, but only multi-dimensional residents. This leaves the reader with the capacity to choose which characters to identify with, to cheer for and to despise, thus keeping things fresh and exciting.

Embree told Wicked Comics, “When creating The Port I wanted to have characters and situations“, Richard goes on to explain how through his writing he wanted to give the reader the ability to understand the logic behind each character’s action. “I want the readers to keep changing their opinion about the characters, and the characters to surprise and sometimes even disappoint the readers” stated Embree. When talking about The Port another thing Embree promises is that no character is safe and “anyone can go at anytime. I feel that life is constantly changing, a concept I want this story to reflect“.

What Richard values above everything else is reader’s interaction. “I want people to feel like an actual resident of Bridgeport and I’m grateful for anyone who takes the time to read our story” Embree told us. The whole project seems to hinge on this, and the fact that a fresh page comes out every week is evidence of the effort the creative crew behind The Port are making to ensure this happens. Each page comes with a short but informative commentary from Richard and the reader has the opportunity to comment on each page in real time. Moreover, Richard is running a sweet contest which rewards readers of The Port, by having a monthly draw to select a reader, whose likeness will appear in the story.

If the first pilot 6 pages of The Port which have been published at the time of writing this, are anything to go by this series will truly be something special. So far three interesting characters have been introduced and I for one could not help but want to know more about them. Dane Lamont ensures that Richard’s flowing writing remains as sharp as possible, something which so far has really impressed us. As for the illustrations the panelling is very well laid and the facial close ups are a true joy to watch.

The complete first issue should be done available digitally this Fall, and a print run will follow soon after. You can rest assured that when the first issue is finished we’ll be reviewing it properly here, but waiting for the review to give this one a chance would be missing the point and the fun that comes from discovering Birdgeport the way its creators want you to. So what are you waiting for? Visit the port now!

Meet The Port Creators:

Richard Embree (Creator – Writer)

Richard Embree grew up walking to the comic book store as a little kid in the mid 90’s. His collecting stopped during his high school years to follow his interest in music. That interest lead to being on mixtapes, live performances, and even having radio air play in France. Being in the music scene also gave Richard access to other opportunities such as writer for a magazine and producing three internet radio shows. Deep down Richard always had a love for comics. In 2010 Richard decided to start making an effort to create comics. In 2012 Richard put together a team and published The Port. Richard’s future plans include a co-creation with Jared Sams on a title called Benjamin.

Dane Lamont (Editor)

Dane Lamont first got into comics at the ripe old age of 17 and has never looked back. As a fan of crime noir, science fiction, and superhero genres, he loved the medium so much that his creative writing thesis was him making a comic book on New York bounty hunters! Over the years he’s been an award-winning historical fiction writer, an English professor, and a podcasting co-host for the Punisher: Body Count show. But he always comes crawling back to comics, where today he writes an as yet unreleased western comic and edits The Port, the greatest crime comic the world will ever see.

Sean Burres (Colourist)

Sean Burres is a traditionally trained painter with over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry where he was an animator, 3D modeller and designer, photo manipulator, multimedia and web designer and creative director. His first digital colouring was done way back in 1994 for the short lived Axis Comics as well as his own comic Sneak Machine. He started colouring full time in August of 2011 after spending time doing colour flats for Dave Stewart and a number of other prominent comic colourists.



Twitter: @theportcomic

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