It began in 2011 at the St Margaret College, Boys’ Secondary, Verdala where a social studies teacher who is also a graphic novelist decided to create a comic club. At that time there weren’t a lot of students who knew what comic-books were and how were they made, so he made a goal to start a comic-club and tutor newbie students in the art of comic book creation. The goal was to form an Anthology of different stories created by the students and sell them at the school comic con to get funds to buy more comic-books for the school library. In 2014 , the first Anthology was published and it was a huge success with the students and even with the teachers that all copies were sold, and with the money earned more comic-books were added to the library. Also on April 30th 2015 the first Verdala Comic Con was created ,the aim was to sell their second Anthology and let the students who worked on the book integrate with their classmates by explaining on what part of the book they did and to encourage them to join the comic club.

The Verdala Comic Club lets our young artists and writers collaborate together and create their very own original comics. Comics are a great medium to convey a message in, be it educational, entertaining or thought-provoking. There is something simply captivating about the combination of imagery and words. Students learn basic construction techniques that apply to character design and drawing in general to produce comic strips and graphic novels. They learn how to create the idea – characters, setting and plot and about the key elements of storytelling. Students work on an anthology filled with comics that they create with the help of their teacher, who is also a graphic novelist.

The comic club meets once a week as a mid-day break activity which is open for the whole school and is also part of the timetabled activities for Form 1 students.

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