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Hi Ask calling !!

I draw the comic strips Malta & co which are more or less about the Maltese way of living and how they interact with other countries.

The second book in the "Malta & co" series is currently in the making and one thing is for sure... It will be completely different from the first one. With full length comic stories and all the charm of the first book, our countries will take you back in the olden days of Malta (the 1500's to be precise) where pirating, mystical creatures and invading Turks roamed the scenes.
Based on real historical Maltese events and legends, the book contains a total of six stories for you to enjoy and stimulate your imagination!
"Stories to be Told" will be released around December: until then enjoy the reading strips, updates or just ask us a question on the following links below.

Also if you wish to purchase our first publication then send us an email at malta_shop@hotmail.com with the Subject Ordering.

From time to time I also draw some fanart, though I try not to make it a habit.

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