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Audrienne Degiorgio

Audrienne is a deegree graduate in Graphic Design & Interactive Media at MCAST Institute of Art & Design.

Publications that she currently has are a short comic called "─Žbieb ta' Vera" and a short comic in "Pilot Comic Anthology: Steampunk Issue", both launched in 2011.

Audrienne manages the Pilot publications and is currently directing "Pilot Anthology: Apocalyptic Issue", along with Fleur Sciortino, which will be launching in this year's Malta Comic Con with a comic of her own included. She also keeps a blog entitled "Sequential Nerd", where she documents most of her findings regarding webcomics and animations.

She spends much time headbanging her working desk and working on comics and illustrations. Free-times and weekends have been long lost in her personal dictionary.

Pilot Facebook Page
"Sequential Nerd" Tumblr