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Jeanelle-Marie Zammit

Currently a student at the University of Malta. She is an artist specifying mostly in illustration. Usually makes comics with Bernard Micallef under the title of "Putamin Comics".
Part-time MMORPG addict, especially in summer..she loves living life at her own pace.

This year she's working on a one-shot comic named "Maya's First Flight". The story follows Maya; a fairy from a river-side village through her 'coming of age test'.

Facebook Page; http://www.facebook.com/ZamsArtPage
Tumblr; http://summerplume.tumblr.com/
deviantart; http://natsume-1990.deviantart.com
Putamin Comics/RPGB: ]http://www.facebook.com/RPGB.RolePlayingGameBook

Hope to see you at the Malta Comic Con 2012!