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Bernard Micallef

Once again, a year passes and the Comic Con comes round!! And again, I am still around! Yes people, I, Bernard, am still alive!!! so, here i am updating the profile for the Malta Comic Con 2014. what's new? Nothing much... Arcana Crusade has faltered to a slow stop after issue 3.

on a different note, with the release of so many new games on my favourite system(Nintendo 3DS), I have decided to pay(or rather draw) a tribute to one of my all time favourite series, Pokemon. Come have a look at my stand for a look!

I have started a very short, 7 pages actually, long parody on RPG in general. this mini series will look into certain aspects that are common in most RPG genre manga, games, books (or anything to that matter) and poke fun at them.

there will be some more stuff that, for the moment, are still pending but I hope you can make it and come say Hi!

hope to see you,