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Bernard Micallef

Bernard here, updating the profile for the Malta Comic Con 2013. it;s already been a year! what's new? well at the time of me writing this (August, 2013), not much

...I'm struggling in finishing the re-vamped of Arcana Crusade...

To be honest, i managed to draft almost all the story so now I have a direction on which I can concentrate...poor Let was aiming round in circles... Anyways, major characters designs are finished and I'm happy with the work. Here, you can have a look at the work:


so by MCC 2013, Volume 1 will be finished and for sale, with a special price...will explain later on once i start finalizing the work.

I also have lots of unfinished one-shots that may or (most probably) may not see the light of finalization, but I've got drafts.

hope to see you, will update from time to time.