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Davida Flores

Davida Flores was born in Malta in 1980 and became fascinated by comics, particularly the Manga and Anime style, at a very tender age. Drawing comics and Anime-style characters became second nature and persisted throughout her childhood. She received formal artistic training at school and the Junior College. Her fascination with all forms of visual art also led her to a Masters degree in Art History at the University of Malta.
In 2003, she started working on a weekly comic page for the local newspaper L-Orizzont and continues to do so up to the present day. Davida is the author of the stories in her comics but has also adapted other authors' works into this medium, including books by Ġuże Galea, Ġorġ Mifsud Chircop, and Trevor Zahra. She has also illustrated a large number of children's books for local publications.
Davida's favourite Manga and comic artists include Riyoko Ikeda (Versailles no bara), Tsukasa Hojo (Cat's Eye) and Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead).
Her style is mostly characterised by a soft, decisive linear style, reminiscent of Manga but fused with her own expression. Her works are mostly produced digitally with the use of a graphics tablet and different software for the final touches. She is also very much comfortable working in pencil and pen and ink.
In this year's Malta Comic Con, Davida is presenting a zombie themed comic in the Pilot Comic Anthology, Apocalyptic Edition, and another comic penned by the creators of Komiks tas-Sikkina, in their new series of comics entitled "Stejjer Impinġija". She will also be promoting her book Għad-Dell tar-Rivoluzzjoni which is scheduled to be published as a collection of comics in 2014.

Here is a short promo video for A King and Pope's Bane, a comic which featured in Pilot Comic Anthology - Medieval edition:

This is a video showing her illustration techniques:

Here is a video for her comic Għad-Dell tar-Rivoluzzjoni, currently featuring in the Saturday edition of L-Orizzont: