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Janet Diana Fenech

My mind- it roams off on its own a lot. I'm a curious one. When I find someone who seems unusual, marginalized or complex there's no holding me back; I'm triggered off, I want to know more. Luckily I have had a fare share of such experiences which have intrigued me enough to create this idea of writing a graphic novel, for myself, but also for those people who feel they are strange and whom people look onto as some kind of monster. I want to show them that strange means different and different is special to many; you just have to find the right company. Nevertheless, I'm writing this graphic novel entitled 'You and I Amplified' to make people curious, to make them think. Perhaps what we call crazy is extraordinary and the senseless ones are those people who think that those with psychological anomalies are unwise. There is more to' madness' than you think, it is usually accompanied by extreme creativity. It's exciting. Dare to know.