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Scheduled Events

  • Yishan Li - Artworks Exhibition

    Yishan Li is a professional UK/Chinese manga artist currently living in Edinburgh. She has been drawing manga since 1998 when in high school and have been published internationally including China, USA, France and the UK, and translated into different languages. At the moment she is working on a new comic 'Girl 1' with Noel Clarke and will be published this year.

    Lower Main Hall
    29 Nov 2014 10:00
  • Portfolio Review -Malta Comic Con 2014

    An opportunity to have your work (drawings, illustrations, comics etc...) reviewed by professionals who have a vast experience. Scuola del Fummetto not only train future artists but have collaborated over the years with various big names in the industry such as Marvel Comics, Disney, Panini, Dreamworks and more...

    Saturday 29th November 11am-6pm and Sunday 30th November 11am-6pm at the desk of Scuola Del Fumetto

    For more information send an email to: info@grafimated.com

    Lower Main Hall
    29 Nov 2014 11:00
  • Talk: The Thrill of an Alternate World

    Some people sit back and passively wait to be entertained by others. Others try hard, more, some might say, than they need to. Role-playing is an activity best suited to those who thrive on challenges and find the greatest satisfaction comes from pushing their mind to thinking beyond the confines of the mundane world. Since its introduction almost half a century ago, tabletop roleplaying has evolved from an eclectic hobby, to a fully-fledged subculture with millions of players worldwide. Join Christianne Briffa and Heathcliff Bonnici from the popular gaming club W.A.R.S for their talk in order to learn more about immersing your imagination in a fictional world through the cooperative hobby of role-playing.

    Upper Gallery
    29 Nov 2014 11:00
  • Discussion Panel: From Kinski to Nolan: Bringing Comics & Film Together

    Moderator: Chris Thompson
    Speakers: Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko

    Gabriel Hardman & Corinna Bechko are no strangers to comics or film, and have at times been instrumental in bringing the two closer together. In this discussion, moderated by Chris Thompson (Orbital Comics, Pop Culture Hound), Gabriel & Corinna examine their creative partnership and what it's like being a couple who work so closely together.

    Music Room
    29 Nov 2014 11:00
  • The Malta Comic-Con 2014 Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    On Saturday 29th November, battle your friends and foes in the ultimate Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and rise in the ranking until you are crowned the Comic Con Tekken Champion. Registration opens at 11:00am and the Tournament starts at 12:00pm.

    Studio Room
    29 Nov 2014 12:00
  • Exhibition Guided Tour + Q+A Session - Moloch

    Moderator: Stephanie Cooke
    Speaker: Clint Langley

    Fans of fantasy are in for a teart as acclaimed British artist Clint Langley who is best known for his work on Slaine, ABC WARRIORS, the cover artist of Guardians of the Galaxy, Hawkeye and Ghost Riders as well as for the amazing art he produced for the Warhammer universe, Hercules, Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft, takes you for a guided tour of some of his favourite pieces of work which will be exhibited for the duration of the Malta Comic Con 2014 (Where Dreams Come True!) The tour of the exhibition will be followed by a Question and Answer Session moderated by podcaster and pop culture Queen Stephanie Cooke.

    Upper Gallery
    29 Nov 2014 12:00
  • Question and Answer Session: Meeting Rising Actress Marama Corlett

    Moderator: Chris Thompson
    Speaker: Marama Corlett

    Talented, spirited, energetic and bubbly are words that best describe the Maltese but currently London based actress Marama Corlett. Despite the fact that Marama is still in her twenties she has already appeared in “The Devil's Double” (2010), shared London’s West End stage with Kiera Knightly in “The Children’s Hour” (2011) and played Rina in the television drama 'Sinbad' for Sky Atlantic and on SyFy in the US. She recently played the Pit Boss in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and will also be appearing in feature films 'Desert Dancer' alongside Freida Pinto, “The Goob” with BAFTA winner Sean Harris out next year. Other work includes the role of Betty Parris in The Old Vic theatre production of ‘The Crucible’ alongside Lord of the Rings star Richard Armitage and will be seen playing SIA in the mini series adaptation of “The Dovekeepers” on CBS in 2015. Come join this fun Q+A session as pop culture king Chris Thompson (The Orbiting Pod) gets the low-down about Marama’s career and aspirations.

    Music Room
    29 Nov 2014 13:00
  • Special Event: The 1 Minute Superhero Sketch Challenge

    Moderator: Samantha Abela
    Participants: Tim Perkins, Michael Dialynas, Dave Taylor and Rufus Dayglo.

    Come join the fun as Malta Comic Con 2014 guests Tim Perkins, Michael Dialynas, Dave Taylor and Rufus Dayglo go head to head in this light hearted entertaining challenge. Spread across two rounds leading to a showdown final between the winners of both rounds, this event requires the participants to sketch randomly drawn superheroes in the space of 1 minute. If this in itself wasn’t cool enough, you (the audience) will decide the winners each time and may also get some of the sketches as a reward. And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the Superheroes because as the judges you will see an image of each superhero drawn but the participants will not be so lucky and will have to sketch the first thing that comes to their mind when the name of the superhero is read.

    Upper Gallery
    29 Nov 2014 14:00
  • The Hobbit

    The Hobbit : How J.R.R Tolkien's epic is a historical guide for the Lord of the Rings & his influence on G.R.R Martin & other writers + Hobbit Quiz - Prizes to be won
    Speaker: Adam Peter Fretwell

    Inspirations Café - St James Cavalier
    29 Nov 2014 15:00
  • Frank Miller

    Frank Miller: How Hollywood's Dark Knight translated comics into movies & became a legend
    Sin City Quiz - Prizes to be won
    Speaker: David Pace

    Inspirations Café - St James Cavalier
    29 Nov 2014 16:00
  • Workshop – Anatomy for Comics and Illustrations

    Malta Comic Con 2014 guests Luciano Regazonni, Salvatore Di Marco and Antonino Pirotta from the reputable Scuola Del Fumetto (Palermo) will be holding a workshop on the Anatomy for Comics and Illustrations. Come learn about design composition, designing the figure in terms of its morphology and simplification, space management when designing action sequences, and the use of photography and cinematography as reference for laying a scene’s dynamics.

    Kindly note that the workshop will be held in Italian.

    Upper Gallery
    29 Nov 2014 16:00
  • “The Maltese Comic? A discussion led by Dr Ġorġ Mallia on the state of Maltese comics today.

    While there has been a renaissance in the interest in comics in Malta over the last few years, and new comic creators are budding and developing like never before, the situation remains one in which locally created comics are not thriving in proportion to the interest. Why is this?

    Comics scholar Ġorġ Mallia, who himself was at the forefront of the first Maltese comics upsurge in the 1980’s, leads a discussion involving a number of Maltese comics creators, in order to determine the state of Maltese comics, and how they can develop to fulfill their promise. The aim of the discussion is pro-active … looking for ideas to improve the situation and to strike out for a solid Maltese comics industry.

    Gorg Mallia will be joined on the panel by Tim Perkins, Sean Azzopardi, Daniela Attard, Audrienne Degiorgio, Ryan Sicluna, Fabio Agius and Chris Le Galle, but all those interested in Maltese comics creation are also invited ton attend and participate”.

    St. James Cavalier
    30 Nov 2014 00:00
  • The Malta Comic-Con 2014 FIFA 15

    On Sunday 30th November, challenge your friends in the ultimate football simulation on the PS4, Fifa 15. Beat team after team until you remain victorious in the final match to be crowned the Comic Con Fifa Champion. Registration opens at 12:00pm and the Tournament starts at 13:00pm.

    Studio Room
    30 Nov 2014 12:00
  • Exhibition Guided Tour + Q&A Session - Deconstructing Malta (An exhibition of original Artwork by the School of Bitches)

    Moderator: Chris Thompson
    Speakers: School of Bitches

    Following on from the success of the 'Deconstructing Malta' artworks featured at last year’s Malta Comic Con, School of Bitches are pleased to announce a complete exhibition of works, depicting the dystopian landscape of Malta after its fall. The series of artworks explore the ‘fate of Malta,’ and re-imagine local landmarks as they appear in the storied future foretold by School Of Bitches.

    The exhibition will be unveiled at St. James Cavalier on 26th November, and remain open to the public until the close of Malta Comic Con 2014, on 30th November. Join the School of Bitches as they take you for a guided tour of their exhibition, which will be followed by a Question and Answer Session moderated by podcaster and pop culture King Chris Thompson.

    Music Room
    30 Nov 2014 12:00
  • Children’s and Parents Workshop: The Children’s Comic Art Workshop

    Back by popular demand for it’s sixth year in a row, Wicked Comics and Wizard’s Keep are proud to present the Comics Workshop for Children of All-Ages! And when we say All-Ages, we mean parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties – in fact All-Ages – everyone gets into the act!

    This highly successful art workshop run by English comic creator and graphic novelist, Tim Perkins is now part of Malta Comic Con’s yearly itinerary.

    The workshop shows in a light-hearted and fun-filled way how to draw various comic-type characters.
    Pencils and paper are provided on the day for the workshop and you can take your wonderful drawings home with you to show family and friends afterwards. All you need is a little imagination and it helps if you want to have some fun along the way.
    So whether you think you can draw or not come along to the Saint James Cavalier on Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th of November for a fun-filled weekend and pick up some drawing tips along the way.

    Who knows you could be Malta’s next successful artist in the making!
    We’re looking forward to seeing you there, soon.

    Cinema Foyer
    30 Nov 2014 12:00