Palazzo de Piro, Euro Media Forum and the Institute for Maltese Journalists present Journalism in Film: Presentation and Discussion on David Frost’s timeless legacy event at Palazzo de Piro on Sunday March 9th at 2 p.m.

Former Newspaper publisher and media consultant Tom Welch will delve into how David Frost became the most distinguished TV inquisitor of his generation, interviewing the past seven British Prime Ministers and seven US Presidents.

Tom Welch will give an insight into how David Frost came to prominence as the enfant terrible of satirical television. Charting Frost’s best moments as a fearless interviewer during his 50-year career, from the 1985 tense interview with Margaret Thatcher over the sinking of the Argentine warship, the Belgrano during the Falkland’s War. Including Frost’s most famous showdown in 1977, when he persuaded disgraced U.S President Richard Nixon to take part in a series of interviews. How coaxing the truth out of Nixon on the Watergate Scandal took nearly 30 hours and the showdown was recently voted the best broadcast interview of all time. The interview was immortalized in the Ron Howard film Frost vs Nixon, released in 2008 and starring Michael Sheen as Frost and Frank Langella as President Nixon.

The discussion will also centre on what the film Frost vs Nixon communicates to persons wishing to embark on a journalistic career. The speaker who worked in the UK newspaper industry for many years will delve into how TV journalism has changed over time and how David Frost‘s body of television work that spanned the latter half of the 20th century, still provides a sword, for journalists, scholars on all manner of subjects, for generations to come.

To spice up the afternoon there will also be a film quiz, with the opportunity to win great prizes. So quiz participants keep your eyes open for clues! This event is being organised in collaboration with the Institute of Maltese Journalists. The event is also being supported by Palazzo de Piro Eden Cinemas, the Malta Film network, the Good Causes Fund and Giotto restaurant – St Julians. Price is Euro 10 per person including refreshments.

Limited seating is available. Booking is recommended either through email or an sms to 99454066, or log in

Tom Welch – Biography

Tom Welch is an accomplished newspaperman. Starting his career at “The Herald” in Scotland in a sales and marketing capacity, he rose to become Chief Executive of a group of seven Scottish Newspapers ten years later.
He has managed four UK regional daily newspapers including the Sheffield Star which sold 110,000 copies per day and boasted a staff of 600 including over 100 editorial staff. He has worked all over mainland UK and for most of his career worked for United Newspapers, part of the Daily Express group.
In his newspaper life, he has sold advertising space, written editorials, driven delivery vans and collected cash from newsagents. He famously told his staff he “would not expect them to do anything he would not do”.
He has lunched with Royalty and met many senior UK politicians. He is a fierce defender of Press Freedom and holds strong views on the role of the Press in a democratic society. On leaving the Newspaper Business, Tom Welch became a media commentator for the BBC and served on the BBC South West Regional Board. He was very active in the Newspaper Society and now works as a Media Consultant.

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