Last September Wicked Comics in collaboration with the British Council had hosted a workshop entitled ‘Images of Valletta’. The idea of this workshop was inspired by Charles Dickens work known as ‘The Sketches of Boz’ where Dickens had described London at the time and an artist had depicted Dickens’ descriptions. The ‘Images of Valletta’ workshop was run by British Graphic Novel artist & Illustrator Zara Holtom Slattery. Zara demonstrated how artists could depict Valletta in the 21st century by using sequential art and strong imagery which would describe the city in a narrative fashion. Artists were inspired by the lively and colourful early Saturday morning, of the setting up of the Market down in Merchant street and other areas in the city that caught their attention and inspired them to sketch something about what they had seen and experienced. The exhibition is like a diary entry of an artist and his or her vision and interpretation of what they had felt on that day and the impression that was left upon them.

We now present you with an exhibition based upon the work that came out of that workshop.

This exhibition will be taking place in the main hall of St James Cavalier on the 8th and 9th of December during this years edition of the Malta Comic Con 2012.

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