After the success of last year’s PlayStation Tournament, this year Comic Con shall also have a PC/LAN gaming section.

After much debate we have decided to have a different event each day:
• Saturday 8th December: Black Ops Tournament
• Sunday 9th December: MMO Day.

Participants will be required to:
• bring their own equipment including: pc + monitor or laptop, mouse + mouse mat, keyboard and headset (no speakers).
• have the game being played installed on their rig before the event starts.
• pay the Comic Con entrance fee at least for the day they are participating.
• register their interest and availability via email to:
What will be available?
• Table and chair
• One power outlet per table
• One Network Cable per table with Internet Connection
• Wi-Fi will also be available if necessary.
Black Ops Tournament
• During the day, the tournament will take the form of a league where the participants will battle it out in 25 minute matches and points will be awarded after each match.
• There will be a 5 minute break between each battle and there will be a 1 hour break around lunch time.
• The top seven players will compete in the final for a title of Comic Con Black Ops Champion.
• Participants need to be at the event at 10.30 am when the first battle will start.
• Not being present at the start of a battle will forfeit any points for that battle.
• Not being present at the start of the final will forfeit the participation in the final and the next person in the rankings will take the vacant spot.
• During this day, various players will be showcasing a number of MMOs.
• Both PVP and PVE activities are planned on this day.
• Participants interested in this event need to send us the following information:
o Name:
o Mobile Number:
o MMO Game:
o Server Used:
o Character Level:
o Time Availability:
o PVE, PVP or both:

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