Nintendo Gamers Malta and Pokemon Group Malta at the Malta Comic Con 2013 Come join us for a weekend of fun playing and exciting tournaments!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen,

Our Tournaments and our Raffle event for Comic Con 2013

There will be a small entry fee for each contest:

NGM Saturday:

NGM – Mario Kart WII (11am)
NGM – Super Smash Bros Brawl (1pm)

NGM Sunday:

NGM- Super Smash Bros Brawl (12pm)

PGM Saturday:

Generation 6 ( X/Y ) Single battles -12:00 till 13:00

Generation 6 ( X/Y ) Double Battles -15:00 till 16:00

PGM Sunday:

Generation 5 ( B/W/B2/W2) single battles -11:00 till 12:00

Generation 6 ( X/Y ) – Multi Battles-14:00 till 15:00

Raffle Draw (PGM/NGM) (4pm)
Tickets for the raffle can be purchased all through Saturday and Sunday, Winner will also be notified via our Facebook group pages so make sure to like us on

Please be advised all players, get your own 3DS/DS and your own versions of your games since this is a competitive tournament with your own Pokemon, we allow players of all ages!

So don’t just stand there, get out your strongest Fire-types and watch your opponents tremble before you in the awesome might of your victorious Pokemon!

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