This Notte Bianca 2011(1st October) prepare to be amazed. Maltese Islands Cosplay Association (MICA) and Malta Comic Con invite you to forget the mundane world of everyday life and enter the wonderful and magical world of ANIME!

These two organizations share a common passion for Comics, Anime and Cosplay (costumed role-playing); together they seek to encourage and promote this type of culture in Malta. They have managed to put up a successful fundraising event called JAPAN-EASE back in April; but they still have more than a few tricks up their sleeve and they are determined to make Notte Bianca a haven for Anime, Comics and Cosplay enthusiasts!

Maltese Islands Cosplay Association and Malta Comic Con are determined to entertain and captivate you with original skits (short plays) and colourful costumes as well as dazzle you with fantastic Anime art being exhibited and drawn live from talented artists.

The picturesque streets of Valletta will be the theatre of creative skits where best loved characters like Lupin, Sailor Moon and Corto Maltese will come to life! Be sure to meet the famous Lupin and his cool gang, followed by the ever-determined Inspector Zenigata, entertaining the public with their usual funny antics in Merchant”s square. Don”t be too surprised if you”ll find yourself face to face with Sailor Venus or happen to be approached by a very eager Naruto!

Let your eyes feast on amazing Anime artwork and buy locally-published comics. Each artist will present you with his or her own style, and you”ll be able to admire the diversity and creativity of local talent. Inside the Market there will be screening of films and more skits will be performed inside.

There will be entertainment for everyone – from the Comic enthusiast to the lively child, who will be able to have his or her face painted in his favourite Anime character by very able face painters. Food lovers will not be disappointed either; there will be a stand with delicious sushi on sale which is sure to make your mouth watery.

For the duration of Notte Bianca, Merchant”s street will be buzzing with art and entertainment, thus truly becoming an Anime World! So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join the fun!

For more information on these two organizations you can access MICA”s and Malta Comic Con”s Facebook pages.

– Tamara Fenech

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