Nature: Public Presentation
Title: Role Playing Games (RPGs)
Speakers: Heathcliff Bonnici & Christianne Briffa
Event: The Malta Comic Con 2011
Date: Saturday 26th November
Time: Between 11am-12pm (noon).
Place: Partitioned Upper Gallery, St. James Cavalier

Heathcliff Bonnici President of W.A.R.S

Heathcliff Bonnici has been role playing since he can remember. Like many children, at a young age he played “pretend” both with friends and alone, letting his imagination take him to fantastic lands, stricken battlefields or on board some space ship. At the age of 12 he discovered Dungeons and Dragons, his first role-playing game and has never looked back. To date he is involved at all times in at least 2-3 ongoing RPGs and attributes to this practice both personal growth and strengthening of already solid friendships. He is the president of W.A.R.S., the Wargaming And Role Playing Society, for which he held a number of exhibition games during the Malta Comic Con 2010. W.A.R.S. will once again be exhibiting and demonstrating during this year”s Malta Comic Con in the hope of attracting more heroes to join them in their adventures!

Christianne Briffa – W.A.R.S member

Christianne Briffa has always been fascinated by stories. As a teenager, she discovered the immersive world of role-playing and was instantly hooked. Within the walls of W.A.R.S, she has been engrossed by the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons, the darker world of the vampiric Masquerade and the retro-future of Cyberpunk. Role-playing turned out to be more than simply a hobby. Being a rich activity requiring extensive background knowledge and a fertile imagination, role-playing has had the merit of furthering her insights into the world of narratives which are her main area of study. As a long-standing member of W.A.R.S, she has helped with setting up a number of exhibitions, and is doing so this year too, in the hope of stirring those who have a similar love for story-telling but might not have found a way of sharing it yet.


W.A.R.S. is a society dedicated to the growth of role-playing and war-gaming in Malta and giving Role-playing groups and war-gamers a place to practise their hobby. W.A.R.S. has been active for many years and its roots lie in the shape of three former clubs which later merged into one, take it back to over thirty years. To date, it boasts over fifty registered members and many friends who come and visit every once in a while. Activity, in some form or another, is ongoing every day of the week at the W.A.R.S Headquarters in Floriana and those interested in joining the fun are welcome to visit the W.A.R.S stand at the Malta Comic Con 2011, check out their site at, find out more on Facebook or simply drop W.A.R.S. a line at

Role Playing Games (RPGs)

The aim of this presentation is to first and foremost explain what is role playing, touching on wide concepts of self-analysis, development and understanding of behavioural patterns. Secondly, the broad term of “role-playing” will be narrowed down to the recreational activity of gaming. The presentation will explore what is essential for a good role-playing game, including character creation, story-telling, game mastering and team spirit. This will be followed by exploring the importance of character depth and personality as opposed to the story line being followed. All this will be explained by using practical examples and, time permitting, on the spot role- playing by the audience. In essence the presentation will explain what role-playing is all about and why RPGs are so awesome. So if you have an interest in role-playing, Games Wicked Comics strongly suggest you attend this presentation and observe demonstrations of RPGs or take part in one later on during the Malta Comic Con 2011.

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