Nature: Public Presentation
Title: Science fiction vs Science fact: Is there any scientific truth behind comicbook superhero stories?
Speakers: Justin Camilleri, Edward Duca, Alexis Callus
Event: The Malta Comic Con 2011
Date: Saturday 26th November
Time: Between 2pm-3pm.
Place: Music Room, St. James Cavalier

Justin Camilleri

Justin Camilleri read a Masters in Magazine Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire specialising in the production of film magazines. He has written an endless number of articles and critiques about films for both local/international media and organised a number of film screenings and discussions with the latest being Valletta Living History, Midnight Express and The Age of Stupid. As a sci-fi film buff and Star Wars disciple he truly believes in the force and will destroy any earthlings with his lightsabre who think otherwise. Trying to emulate Tony Stark”s sense of entrepreneurialism he is furthering his specialisation in the film industry by participating in various international seminars organised by international film organisations such as Confederation Internationnale des Cinemas d”Art et d”Essai CICAE.

Dr Edward Duca

Dr Edward Duca graduated with a PhD in Genetics from the University of Edinburgh, and is also a freelance science writer, editor and communicator. He believes that science is not just for himself but also for everyone to inspire and motivate. He has hosted talks in film bars and written about world-domination by robots and the perfect steak. He is a regular tweeter, runs Malta Cafe Scientifique, president of Science is Culture, and has written for Nature China and Science.

Alexis Callus

Alexis Callus is a tourism expert and has always worked in the hospitality industry while balancing the commercial interests and the cultural relevance of each activity. He has no time to bother with trivialities such as formulas and scientific theories. He believes that too much importance is given to weather or whether the world is round or flat; what matters is that we live on this planet and have to find a way of coexisting. Culture and traditions have more answers to that rather than numbers and formulas. Where science fails he steps in.

Science fiction vs Science fact: Is there any scientific truth behind comicbook superhero stories?

Justin Camilleri (The Sci-Fi film buff), Dr Edward Duca( The Scientist) from Science is Culture will be organising an interactive presentation and discussion moderated by Alexis Callus (The sceptic) as part of Malta Comic Con 2011 entitled Science fiction vs Science fact: Is there any scientific truth behind comicbook superhero stories?
The presentation and discussion will delve into how comicbook superheroes e.g Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Flash, The Avengers often have “scientific” origin stories involving radiation or strange chemicals. Through the entertaining presentation and discussion the speakers will show clips from Superhero movies and cartoons and find out as to how this may or not be far from reality. We will also have a competition where we will ask a specific superhero question tied with the discussion and the winner will win a prize.

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