As the night of the July 4th premiere of the acclaimed film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is approaching. Following the success of the Batman vs Spider-Man Valletta event, Science is Culture & Euro Media Forum would like to call all Superhero buffs and members of the public to come to the Eden Cinemas on the evening of Wednesday 4th July at 8pm prior to the Amazing Spider-Man premiere for The Spider-Man science fiction vs science fact event.

This event in collaboration with Eden Cinemas will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stan Lee’s and Steve Ditko’s comic book creation. There will also be several stands related to Spider-Man’s place in popular culture and gadgetry. The short presentation preceding the movie premiere will explore how Spider-Man’s stories have both empowerment messages for their fans and an element of scientific truth which can inspire children to take up science as a future career. During this event members of Science is Culture and Euro Media Forum will discuss how characters like Spider-Man can stimulate learning through their strong messages such as DNA modification and its relevance to Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s super ability to climb walls.

This is a Superhero event not to be missed and is open to everyone who has an interest in the culture and science of Spider-Man, Superhero movies and others who wish to flaunt their favourite comics, costumes as well as mingle with other people that share the same interests.

Euro Media forum and Science is Culture will be launching its science fiction and comic book reference desk on the night. They will also have their own stands on the night from which they will sell comic books as well as inform people on future events. Members of the audience do not need to be dressed up in a particular super hero costume although Marvel Superheroes costumes are highly encouraged.

For more information and to purchase tickets call 237 10 400 or visit

]For further information log on the Euro Media Forum facebook page on¬if_t=like#!/Euro.Media.Forum

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