Nature: Public Presentation
Title: The Importance of Graphic Novels!
Speaker: David Pace
Event: The Malta Comic Con 2011
Date: Sunday 27th November
Time: Between 11am-12pm (noon).
Place: Partitioned Upper Gallery, St. James Cavalier

David Pace

David Pace has been a comics fan for over thirty years and together with his brother Victor, opened one of the very first comic clubs in Malta back in 1981.

He is particularly interested in the relationship between comics and celluloid film, and regards comics as a type of frozen film. His favourite writers are Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and Frank Miller, and he cannot decide which is the best graphic novel ever written between Watchman and The Dark Knight Returns.

The Importance of Graphic Novels!

During the presentation David Pace will discuss the importance of Graphic Novels regarding the development of reading skills and abilities; and tries to answer questions such as: Why are Graphic Novels regarded as an excellent medium for teach reading and how Graphic Novels can be used to teach different levels of reading? The presentation will be illustrated with a number of slides and examples.

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