Can climate change really destroy the human race? The film ‘The Age of Stupid’ suggests so. Oscar nominee Pete Postletwaithe (In The Name of the Father, The Usual Suspects, Brassed Off) takes us to the year 2055, where the World has come to an end. But why? Humans ignored the environment for economic gain overexploiting everything, but are we really humans are to blame?

Film researcher Justin Camilleri and climate scientist James Ciarlo will be exploring these topics and its relevance to Malta’s society. Also, Is climate change fact or fiction? What is the role of a tiny country like Malta? And are we really living in the Age of Stupid? Or, is this a Halloween movie with a bad and far-fetched ending?

The film screening and discussion will be held at the Italian Cultural Institute, St. George’s Square, Valletta opposite The Palace and next door to the Attorney General’s Office on Monday 31st October at 8pm. Entrance is free. Thanks to Valletta Living History, a free ticket will be given to a person attending.

The event is being organized in collaboration between Malta Resources Authority, British Council, Science is Culture, Malta Cafe Scientifique, Malta Chamber of Scientists, Valletta Living History and the Italian Cultural Institute. For further details email:

AGE OF STUPID Facebook event:

Science is Culture facebook page:!/ScienceIsCulture

Malta Cafe Scientifique:!/Malta.Cafe.Scientifique

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