Ready for an entire weekend of comic book shows? Saturday July 7th features the return of the Southern Maryland Comicon in Waldorf… a “Sister- show” of the VA Comicon (the day after on July 8th) in Richmond, VA! Two amazing shows within 100 miles of each other! Plus, all paying attendees to the Southern Maryland show will receive free tickets to the VA Comicon. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

Wicked Comics are also pleased to announce that fan favourite creator Matt Slay will be a guest at both shows, and will be joining the promoters of both these shows at their booth in San Diego, CA! If you are going to be at Comic-Con International, check out booth #5510, listed as “Awesome Convention Exclusives“.

Another reason to attend both shows is that you can be among the first persons on the planet to checkout not one but two graphic novels debuting at the events: Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse Vol 2 from Small Press co-ordinator and one of Wicked Comics’ favourite indie creators Dan Nokes as well as No Shenanigans the “A Dog’s Life” compilation from Richmond, VA native Chris Otto!

Here are all of the links necessary for the VA Comicon happening on Sunday, July 8, in Richmond, VA. Avoid the lines, and get in FREE by registering online at our website (no fooling!).

Directions and Times:
The VA Comicon is at the Crowne Plaza West (6531 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230) in Richmond, VA on Sunday July 8th, 2012 from 10AM to 3:30pm!

Free Entrance to all those who register here:

Exhibitor’s Line Up and Information here:

For more information kindly visit:

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