This Friday (29/6/12) Malta’s leading gaming society; W.A.R.S will be holding their official launch party at their headquarters (13, Lion Street, Floriana) from 6pm onwards.

W.A.R.S which actually stands for War-gaming And Role-playing Society have been around for quite sometime now and the sterling work and the fine reputation they have gathered through years of hard work carried out under the leadership of president Heathcliff Bonnici and Pierre Briffa has led them to (like Wicked Comics) recently become an officially recognized NGO. Hence the official launch party this Friday.

W.A.R.S’ mission has always been to promote Role-playing and Wargaming in all their forms. People from various walks of life and age groups share this thrilling hobby and meet on a regular basis at their lovely premises. As mighty generals of vast armies they confront each other or team up into a party to explore dungeons, investigate murders or even become vampires!

Since 2010 W.A.R.S have become a permanent fixture and one of the highlights of the annual Malta Comic Convention where they hold entertaining and educational exhibitions and talks about this wicked component of the comic culture.

The W.A.R.S fortress is generally open on most days from 6pm onwards and on Saturday from 9am onwards. Their doors are always open to anyone who shares their passion and they welcome anybody in their stronghold even people who just want to pop by and watch an exciting table top or role playing game.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about, or even joining W.A.R.S or whether you just want to spend an enjoyable evening in the company of some creative and downright friendly folk, W.A.R.S. official launch party is an activity not to be missed.

For more information kindly visit their website on:

Or find them on Facebook.

Event wise Friday 29th June 2012 is a big day, Wicked Comics suggests you pop by to our stand at the Hagar Qim/Mnajdra Temples Open Day and later come join us as we celebrate with the wicked folk at W.A.R.S their launch as an official organisation. See you all tomorrow.

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