Are you a seasoned Cosplayer? A newbie in the art of dressing up in your favorite anime costume?


Wicked Comics is pleased to announce its first Cosplay Workshop in preparation to the Malta Comic Con 2013 which will be held on the 30th November and 1st December 2013 at St James Cavalier Valletta.

During this workshop participants will be able to learn more about the art of cosplay, costume making, wigs, props, cosplay photography and more.

The workshop will be in form of various discussions and talks.

Samantha Abela and Fabio Agius who will be hosting this year’s Malta Comic Con Cosplay competition will be also discussing this year’s participation form and procedure to the aforementioned contest.

Elizabeth Mallia, will be hosting a talk about Wigs and Makeup. In Liz’s words, “For many cosplayers, wigs and make up can help them to perfectly emulate their character’s appearance. But with such a vast array of products available, it can be difficult for a new cosplayer to choose a good quality wig or to apply makeup correctly. This workshop will explain the use and importance of wigs and makeup, show participants what a quality wig looks like, suggest brands of wig, demonstrate how to put on a wig, including how to put your hair into a wig cap, mention some styling techniques, explain basic types of makeup and how to apply them.”

We encourage all those who are interested in cosplaying to attend to this workshop to meet other cosplayers, foster relationships with each other and work on collaborative projects.

This is a great opportunity for first time cosplayers to meet more seasoned cosplayers, ask for helping tips and receive feedback.

During this workshop we will be also meeting any photographers who are interested in working on a cosplay photoshoot before the Malta Comic Con 2013 but also during this year’s convention.

If you are a photographer and you are interested in knowing more about this initiative, please bring with you a small portfolio of your work (even digitally) and a short CV.

Date: 6th September
Venue: St James Cavalier (Cinema)
Time: 5pm – 8pm

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