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Hi my name is Ashley Eric Peschel and welcome to my profile page….

My hobbies include…. *What do you mean it’s not that kind of profile*

So yeah my name is Ashley Eric Peschel (You said that dummy) and I will be attending the 2015 Malta comic con, where along with Peter Magro we shall be launching our new graphic novel: S.T.E.A.M. Island Under Siege.

This is a project that we have been working on for over three years and it’s finally here, yeah so good times…. Oh and for the record I’ve done the writing and Peter the art, because if I drew it, we would be talking about STICKMEN: Sticks under Siege.

A bit of info about me (Well it’s about bloody time) I’ve been writing and creating stories since I was a little child, in fact I used to pretend my toys where film starts and each “play-time” was a new movie, I went so far as to design movie posters too. (Ah that’s beautiful man! Weap, weap)

I am also a self-confessed geek, and I love most franchise and comics, my favourites include Deadpool, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Transformers (Show them the tattoo/ I can’t it’s a profile not a video…oh ok) My Little Pony (Dude you said were not going to mention that!) and I also love playing Magic the Gathering. (More like losing at Magic the gathering….hey shut up)

You will probably recognize me from the Agenda bookshop stand (Great mentioned them, maybe we get a commission) which I love manning as I get to meet all the different and fantastic people who visit the con each year.

Well that’s it, as I seem to have been writing a while now (You could always delete some of it!) I look forward to meeting you all at the con, and here is a brief summery about S.T.E.A.M. Island Under Siege:

Set against the conflict of the Second World War… Something terrifying has been released on the small island of Malta, realizing they are in over their heads the local authorities request help in tracking the sadistic killer, whose body count already stands at five. A special team is dispatched at once, and so the hunt begins on the war thorn island for a killer that they soon find out is unlike anything they have encountered before…. If that was not bad enough, the team also have to face off against a mysterious Nazi team, who are also hunting the killer, but for darker reasons. It all boils down to a 156 page adventure full of action and comedy.

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