Etienne Camilleri is a creative person with a passion for 3d design and printing.

It all started off as a hobby, his first 3D designs included buildings and landmarks. One of the works he is very proud of was the recreation of the Royal Opera House a historic building that was brought back to life through his design.  This was also the creation that landed him a job with the VALLETTA 3D Project. The project included the re-creation in 3d of Valletta’s Historic Buildings such as the Court of Malta and the St Johns Co-Cathedral Facade.

Etienne is also pretty much into old cartoons such as Astro Ganger, Il Fantastico Mondo di Paul and similar cartoons. This passion was the trigger that brought him closer to his current hobby, creating 3d figurines of these cartoons. His first 3d projects stood mainly on his pc, but when 3d printing technology became more accessible, he started printing his own designs.

He feels lucky because he managed to amalgamate his personal interests together with his job. In fact, he is currently employed at 3D Printing World @ Thought3d is also related to 3d printing.

Some of the works created throughout his career are available on his site or

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