My name is Christabelle Mizzi, I’m 17 years old and I can proudly say “ Art saved my life”. Growing up, I loved to watch characters and different artistic styles on television or illustrations of books, including manga. As I developed my love for drawing in pencil, I started to be inspired in different ways.

As I went to the professional side of this comic art, I started to explore my own mediums which were acrylic, copic markers, and black pens. I love including symbolism into what I do, so there’s nothing that I’ve drawn which was done without inspiration or meaning. My love for fantasy fiction is one that cannot be ignored, it’s a part of me, through which I express my love for surrealistic styles.

As a Mcast student, while studying for an Advanced Diploma in Art and Design I had made my very own first comic with this theme of surrealism and fantasy named: Fallen and this kept me on the road to continue my love for comics and including realism in it also. I feel very passionate when I draw these things because they all somehow have a piece of my identity and show off the world in my mind without a need for a description. Today I’m an art teacher in training ( been going for 2 years ) and I believe that thanks to these opportunities I can never stop learning.

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