Christine Mizzi

“A couple of chicken scratches – err… I mean chic sketches – that make others smile”, is how the artist aptly describes her own work in one sentence. Christine is of Maltese nationality and enjoys both monochrome pencil art and acrylic paint depicting a vibrant palette. Pulling out inspiration mostly from Japanese manga and anime, her self-taught art is not short of theme variation. So much so that her portfolio also includes realistic pencil portraits, neo-impressionistic landscapes, and one-page comic strips depicting satirical content inclined at criticizing social protocol. From an early age she has exhibited and participated at educational facilities, healthcare institutions, charity events, and other localized initiatives such as private commissions, event body art and collaborative illustrations. In 2015 Christine was honoured to take part for the first time in the Malta Comic Con. According to her, the concoction of friendly atmosphere, creativity-saturated air, and event-rich organization attributed to the Malta Comic Con is now a mainstay in local culture which lure her to revisit time and time again. This artist is certain that her work captures quicksilver and optimistic qualities that make her art recognized and loved.

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