Being avid comic fans, the Intellectual Property Team at Fenech & Fenech Advocates would like to take the opportunity at this year’s edition of the Malta Comic Con to raise more awareness with artists, retailers and visitors alike, on the intellectual property living in everything that is Comic-Con!

In the world we live in today, intellectual property (IP) is an important asset and a key consideration in day-to-day decision making – necessitating careful consideration from all kind of industry players be they long-established businesses as well as start-ups testing the open market.

We offer advice and guidance through all aspects of IP strategy, protection, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights, and are certain that all Comic-Con participants and attendees will benefit from having our team on-site for quick chats on Trade Marks, Copyright, Patents and Design Rights as IP rights existing in comics, drawings, accessories, etc. to learn how to protect themselves and their creations as much as possible.

Ideas are able to flourish and bear fruits commercially only in the protective embrace of intellectual property rights. Such is the broad application of IP rights that it affects all manner of intellectual capital; in any creative field


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