GNLM is a voluntary organization which promotes comics and graphic novels for education uses. GNLM promotes literacy together with the Malta public libraries by making learning fun through the use of comics, graphic novels, pop-culture, movies, and TV series.

In the summer of 2016 a number of comics and graphic novels were bought and donated to the Central Public Library in Floriana. A section was created at this library to provide room to the comic book medium in their Junior’s library. GNLM organizes a number of events and courses at the Public Library for all ages. These include The Understanding Comics and Creating Comics Course, which are the most popular.

Recently GNLM is also trying to expand into other areas. Coming soon GNLM will be hosting a Magic: The Gathering Club at the Central Public Library in Floriana for children and parents. The idea is to use the space of the library in a fun educational setting but teaching children information literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, resource management, etc… through the game of Magic: The Gathering.

For more information check out GNLM’s FaceBook page:

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