A British video games artist with over a decade of experience.

I’ve worked on titles ranging from Call Of Duty, The Transformers, Angry Birds, The Chronicles of Narnia and more.

Creating anything from game environments to vehicles, weaponry and characters.

Presently working in the action figure industry as well as ambitiously developing a collectibles company of my own from the ground up. www.freakfinity.com

I’ve a professional interest in digital sculpture, toy production, cnc milling, mold making, 3d Printing and the mass production processes.

When I’m not doing all the busy, busy, I’m an enthusiastic runner. Enjoy cinema, books, art, music & run a 3D printed art accessories store on Etsy.

I’m also a member of the E-Nable organisation and assist in the creation of 3D printed Children’s prosthetic’s.

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