Josmar Darmanin, an ambitious teenager seeking artistic greatness. Born in September of 2002, he was raised surrounded by creative minds. This exposure to the world of art at an early age, sparked the creativity inside Josmar. Whether at school or at home, Josmar always seemed to find his way around the traditional pencil and paper. Whilst attending the SMC Verdala Boys’ Secondary, he broadened his style with the help of people he today considers mentors. As he became a member of the school’s Verdala Comic Club, he developed a love towards Comic Books and Graphic Novels and took interest in their style. With the help of the club, Josmar even published 2 official comic books for the school as well as organized the school’s very own Annual Comic Con.

Later on in his teenage years, Josmar enrolled in a Graphic Design course at MCAST, which now exposed him to the wonders of Digital Art. Josmar’s proficiency with a digital medium proved useful when designing hasty artworks and top-quality designs. As of today, Josmar is constantly working to improve his developing style, as well as to produce designs and artworks that he proudly shares on social media.

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