At  sixteen  years  of  age  Kevin  Attard  started  to  show  an  interest  in  crafts  during   which  time  he  was  working  in  his  father’s  workshop,  mending  jewellery.  He  then   started  to  train  in  the  craftsmanship  of  filigree  with  Raymond  Falzon  who  was  a   regular  visitor  to  his  father’s  shop.  Later  on  he  was  employed  as  a  full  time  gold   filigrist  with  one  of  the  leading  jewellery  shops  in  Valletta.  Silver  and  gold  filigree   was  the  one  that  took  as  his  full  time  job.     In  2001  he  set  his  own  workshop  and  started  working  as  a  freelance  filigree   craftsman  where  he  was  focusing  mainly  on  creating  innovative  and  modern   filigree  ranging  from  small  jewellery  to  larger  items  such  as  jewel  boxes,  candle   holders,  trays,  abstract  sculptures  and  much  more.  From  time  to  time  he  gives   filigree  lessons  at  the  leading  art  and  craft  schools  in  Malta,  where  the  learners  can   appreciate  more  the  intricate  and  delicate  work  involved  in  making  a  single  piece  of   handmade  filigree  jewellery.     In  2010  he  won  a  prize  for  creativity  and  innovation  in  the  first  competition  for  local   artisans  organised  by  the  Malta  Crafts  Council.  The  product  was  a  silver  filigree   chess  piece.

 In  2012  he  took  part  again  in  the  competition  and  won  first  prize  for   creativity  and  innovation.  The  piece  he  presented  was  a  stunning  realistic  size  silver   filigree  violin  that  took  him  a  year  to  complete.  In  2013  he  won  a  finalist  prize  for  an   innovative  and  traditional  product:  a  silver  filigree  skull.     Kevin  Attard  utilises  the  Maltese  traditional  methods  to  experiment  in  the  creation   of  innovative  designs,  shapes  and  sizes  which  apart  from  being  most  modern  and   futuristic,  they  surprise  the  visitor  for  their  originality.

 He  creates  and  designs   authentic,  contemporary  pieces  which  add  a  touch  of  innovation  to  the  craft  and   create  a  keen,  fresh  interest  for  the  generation  of  today.  Kevin  uses  the  traditional   technique  of  filigree  making  but  he  gives  it  his  own  unique  twist.  Instead  of   complying  with  the  traditional  filigree  designs,  he  creates  more  unusual  ones  and   makes  sure  to  find  a  balance  between  being  daring  and  innovative  and  creating something  that  the  general  public  is  interested  in  and  appreciates.  An example of this is the silver filigree skull, inspired by Damien Hirst diamond-encrusted skull,   which he created and  was on display at  the  Malta Society of Arts.  This  project  will   provide  a  new  artistic  challenge  for  Kevin  since  it  involves  bringing  a  pre-­‐existing   medium,  presenting  it  and  transforming  it  in  an  innovative  manner.     His  first  filigree  exhibition  was  in  2004,  at  the  Ministry  of  Culture  in  Gozo,  Malta.   Since  then  he’s  been  organising  and  taking  part  in  various  exhibitions  and   workshops.  Kevin  also  teaches  the  art  of  filigree-­‐making  and  has  conducted  classes   at  St.  James  Cavalier,  the  Malta  Society  of  Arts  and  the  Manoel  Theatre  Art  Gallery.   Kindly  visit  the  following  websites:  

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