Mae McKinnon

Mae McKinnon is a creature of contradiction: The type of person who loves to discover new things, and faraway places, but worries about sticking her nose into the bookshop she’s walked past every day for years.

If you thought that being a starry eyed idealist AND the most bitter of cynics – about the same thing, at the same time – was impossible. Well, it’s not. If you thought it’d be exhausting – you’d be right. Somewhere along the line though, this will, probably, involve dragons.

But then dragons are terribly contradictory creatures themselves. One minute, lunch-guest, next minute, roast (well-cooked in a mobile oven – so much for that magical armour).

And it looks like we’ve gotten distracted from this bio – again. Is this a bad thing? Probably not.

Incidentally, she also wishes she could type as fast as her imagination runs and that someone really should come up with a reliable way to train muses and characters to stick with the story and not go chrono-hopping, explore strange new alternate realities or, even worse, insist on bringing home plot-bunnies.

It’s true what they say about her bookshelf-space though, there never is enough.

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