Malcolm Alden has been drawing and painting ever since he can remember. From an early age, he took multiple drawing and arts classes and after graduation, attended the MCAST Institute of Art & Design.

Malcolm is heavily influenced by pop culture, using his obsession of video games, film and comic books to fuel his imagination when putting pen to paper. He focuses on the use of pen, pencil, ink, watercolour and sometimes coloured pencil. His artwork is influenced by artists such as Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Jeremy Fish, Alex Pardee, Skinner and more.

In recent years, Malcolm has begun to experiment with digital painting and also wall mural art. Providing decorative and creative wall mural decor for companies such as EightEight, Betsson, Boho Hostel and other more personal works.

In regards to film work, Malcolm has story boarded multiple local short films and also had the opportunity to work and learn within the Art Department for the Hollywood blockbuster ‘World War Z‘ which was shot in Malta.

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