M.E.R.C.S which stands for Martial Era Revivalists and Combat Society was founded as a place where early to late medieval martial arts can be practiced and relived through the study of history and past events related to combat and war. Whilst the club does its best to portray the historical aspect, it is primarily a combat society where the main focus is on the techniques pertaining to battle and warfare in general. It is an educational group that tries its best to showcase the historical aspect through clothing, equipment and talks to the public. Various fighting styles are practiced from numerous training manuals and schools such as H.E.M.A (History of European Martial arts consisting of Fiori Dei Liberi and Meyer) and Viking Western (soft contact) and Eastern (full contact) style. Although one of our main periods is the medieval age, we are the first combat society to portray the Viking and Norman era on the island. For more information, find our facebook page MERCS Malta.

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