MULTIMAXX offers family entertainment venues where you always find unique activities!
We are specialists in Laser tag – combining the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist.

LASERMAXX, CYBERMAXX, BATTLEMAXX any kind of laser tag for you to enjoy the most!
Our multi-level arenas has dazzling lighting, swirling fog and energetic music to add to the excitement for up to 16 adult or 20 children in each game.

A part from Laser tag we offer plenty of other fun attractions such as VIRTUALMAXX – 360 degree virtual experience and our ARCADMAXX – to enjoy your favourite arcade experience!
MULTIMAXX offers special packages for birthday parties, day camps, youth groups and sports teams. Schools and other youth organizations can also experience our tailormade packages for young and active students.

MULTIMAXX also offers corporate team building events and private events.


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