Peter Magro

Feeling practically at home, this is the sixth Malta Comic Con Peter Magro is participating and exhibiting in. At 27 years old, he is a full time art teacher and also the illustrator of  local graphic novel S.T.E.A.M.: Island Under Siege (Story by Ashley Eric Peschel), as well as current collaborations with GNLM on graphic novels for adolescents and Youth Guarantee on a future project currently under works.  Peter usually opts for hand drawn art as he is more comfortable using an old fashioned pen and paper, however he is also digital literate and uses digital media when required. His style varies between the type of work he works on – especially for who the work is aimed at. Children require a softer approach to feel that the comic caters for their appeal, whereas for adults, Peter adapts a grittier and rougher approach. He is in love with the Expressionist period and admires the art of Otto Dix as well as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner for the reason that this style makes him truly connect with the art piece. Therefore he feels that this connection should be present in his works, be it comic art or any other. He is a huge Marvel and DC fan however he enjoys as well as appreciates Japanese Manga for the true art that it is. In his own time, Peter loves to work on caricatures as well as take some time off from comic art to paint using oils and acrylics for portraiture and landscape – however his one and true love, since a very young age, will always be comic art.

Past projects – 

S.T.E.A.M. – Island Under Siege with author Ashley Eric Peschel (2015) and an upcoming short graphic novel on a history of Maltese town Hal Ghaxaq ‘Lura fiz-Zmien man Nannu Salv’ (to be released) collaborated with GNLM and its author, Liz Mallia. Currently working on graphic novel Taht with writer Ivan Xuereb, collaborated with Charmaine Zammit and artMuse – an exhibition including the works of inmates at the Corradino Corrective Facility through the area of Comic Art.

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