Samwel Mallia is a 23-year-old compulsive daydreamer, currently reading for a Masters in Digital Arts at the University of Malta. Independent illustrator who has been scribbling and drawing for as long as he could remember, having illustrated for various print and web based publications along with designing characters and environments for animation, digital game and graphic narrative projects. Samwel also works with graphic design, animation and makes music with different bands. Fuelled by visual, sonic and textual inspiration, he tries to explore personal observation, thought and experience through his creations.
Samwel’s first short graphic novel Icarus will be released at this year’s Malta Comic Con, this being a personal interpretation of Ovid’s tale of Icarus in graphic narrative form.


Past graphic narrative projects include his work with writer Adam Cassar on the webcomic series Cas in Sarcasm (2011 – 2014; hiatus) and short comics featured in the Apocalypse (2013) and Mythologies (2014) editions of the Pilot Comic Anthology.
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