Our mission at W.A.R.S. is to promote Roleplaying and Wargaming in all their forms.

People from various walks of life and age groups share these thrilling hobbies  and meet on a regular basis at our premises; as mighty generals of vast armies they confront each other or team up into a party to explore dungeons, investigate murders or even become vampires!
The premises offer tabletops for would be generals to test their mettle on, rooms dedicated to role-playing and even a recreation area where one can sit down to play boardgames and discuss ongoing events, past events or organise future ones.
Like any of these? Want to hang out and talk about your character’s adventures, and misadventures? Got a boardgame you want to play with someone? Then what are you waiting for! Join our Facebook group/page, come to the Comic-Con or pop by our Club premises, and may your dice and decks be ever in your favour!

Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WargamingAndRoleplayingSociety/
Our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/warsmalta/

Website: www.warsmalta.org
Email: info@warsmalta.org
Facebook page: W.A.R.S. Malta www.facebook.com/groups/299344189174/

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