Who Are We?

Education through Comics & Pop Culture

We as an NGO and Youth Organization work towards the creation of a physical library whose collection consists of Graphic Novels, Comics and Pop Culture related books.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Pop Culture, anyone who wants to discover a new medium through which one can learn and grow as an individual, and to anyone who is interested in learning about new subjects an ideas.

In the classroom, comics can be used as a complementary tool to students’ studies, allowing students who do not relate to textbooks and novels as easily as others, to have a combination of visual and text as an aid and inspiration. Comics also make lessons more interactive. GNLM’s aim is to promote this practice in classrooms around Malta, providing another classroom tool to reach out to all students. Using comics and pop culture to educate on various topics to students of different ages, GNLM wants libraries to start collecting the medium to encourage students to read something they can relate to.

Our Aims

  • To promote Literacy and Information Literacy tools through comics and graphic novels.
  • To promote cultural awareness in other mediums such as Films, Arts and Literature.
  • To have a place where educators or interested parties can meet and discuss topics of interest while connecting and engaging people with similar interests.
  • To create a space to share thoughts.
  • To be a resource to teachers, parents, academics, etc…. aiding people to better understand the comics culture and how they can use comics to educate or teach skills that are essential to a National Literacy framework.
  • To promote local artists who want to collaborate with us in creating a market for comics, films and art produced locally.
  • To organise workshops to students and educators alike on how comics, films, arts, literature can be used as an educational tool in any related subject.


What do we offer?

  • GNLM can be a place where people meet to discuss the same interests while discovering new ones.
  • GNLM offers a collection of comics/graphic novels for everyone to make use of.
  • It can be a place where a new form of education can take shape.
  • Education through the subjects that the students are more familiar with.
  • A place where an emphasis is put on acquiring skills instead of just knowing things.
  • Support for presentations, discussions, talks and public lectures open to the general public or specific audiences.

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