I was hooked into the comic world in 2011 at the first edition of EtnaComics and fascinated from this beautiful scene I immersed myself in the world of Cosplay! Honestly I was very green at first and didn’t know how to glue two pieces of paper together. Within time and with my passion I have perfected my skill reaching unimaginable goals in the past!

My costumes are entirely done by me and though I am interested in all sectors, I have specialised in creating armour and accessories! The materials I use normally are forex and resin because they give me the possibility to create exact replicas of the objects I want to make! But I use various foam materials, techniques of leather covering and much more!! My costumes are mostly taken from Magic the gathering (Garrusk and Sorin Markov) JJBA and Gurren lagann! Essentially I focus on the interpretation of the character that I make and I try to do exhibitions that amaze the public, by showing an acted narrative in all forms!

This element mixture of armours, accessories, narrative and acting has given me plenty of satisfaction of which:

-Best interpretation at Lucca Comics

-Best male at EtnaComics

-Best Videogame at Napoli Comicon

-Representative of Palermo Comicon at CNC (Campionato nazionale coslpay)

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