Dan Christensen was born in California, grew up in Arizona, then moved to France. He attended art school in Angouléme, and has since written and drawn several graphic novels, including Riposte, Archer Coe & The Thousand Natural Shocks (with Jamie S. Rich),and Paranormal. In addition to drawing comics, Dan works as a freelance translator for French comic book publishers Ankama, Dargaud and Futuropolis, and has illustrated books for American role-playing game publisher Hero Games. His current graphic novel project, the second volume of Archer Coe for Oni Press, is nearly finished, and is scheduled for release  in 2018.

He currently lives and works on the west coast of France.



Riposte (published in French by Scutella éditions)

Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks (written by Jamie S. Rich, published in English by Oni Press)Run (short story published in Volume 5 of David Lloyd’s digital comic book magazine ACES WEEKLY)Paranormal  (originally published in French by Carabas éditions)

  • Vol.1:  The Ogre

  • Vol.2:  Shadows of the Past

  • Vol.3:  Dead Flowers

Un Goût de Cendres (published by La Comédie Illustrée)Duels (originally published by Treize étrange)Red Hands (published by Le Cycliste)

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