David ‘Max’ Millgate‘s career has spanned over 28 years, working in comic books, computer games, films, television and also the music industry. He’s produced artwork for the BBC, Universal Studios, Lionsgate Films, Heavy Metal Magazine, Sci-Fi Now Magazine, Sumo Games, Zoemode Games, Rebellion Ltd, Imagine Publishing, Alchemy Carta, Games Workshop, 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. Including Judge Dredd, Mean Machine Angel, Outlaw, Brit-Cit Brute and The Dark Judges.

He’s also the co-creator of the series Sinister/Dexter with writer Dan Abnett.

His WWII/Supernatural Horror story  ‘Jackboot & Ironheel’ was recently published by IDW as a 4-part comic book series and later as a graphic novel. David served as both writer and artist on the project. He is currently working on an epic painting project for New York Symphonic Metal band Homerik. His work will be published as an art book released in conjunction with the concept  LP ‘The Circle of Dead Children’, which is based on the classic Dante’s Inferno.

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