David Morris

David is penciller, inker and cover artist for Time Bomb Comics. He is currently working on the Flintlock series and the upcoming titles  S.O.E Baker Street Irregulars and Foxglove and is the Ragamuffins cover artist. He is also working on Dee for Detective for Tripwire Magazine and is the creator of the Norton the Dragon strip which runs in the UK literature and arts magazine Lamp. In a previous life he was the co-producer of the Bristol International Comic Expo in the UK.

Time Bomb Comics.

Time Bomb Comics has been publishing comics and graphic novels in the UK for the past 10 years. With such diverse titles as Dick Turpin, Defiant, Longship, Kronos City, The Last Ride of Henry Holden, Bomb Scares, Flintlock and Ragamuffins.

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